Around the Area

Wyoma Square, on the Southeast corner of Sluice Pond, is a small collection of businesses and eateries within a 15 minute walk or boat ride from most location on the pond. Several restaurants are located on the pond and the area boasts about the world's best calzones from the pizza makers of Wyoma Square.

Local Restaurants

Many residents enjoy the rugged adventures of hiking and mountain biking in nearby Lynn Woods or the serenity of the beautiful 18-hole Gannon Golf course that is next to the federal land reserve. The northern coves of Sluice Pond are located just across Rt. 129 from this magnificent urban park, the 2nd largest Municipal park in the country with 2200 acres. Lynn Woods offers individuals, couples and groups a variety of activities from strenuous adventure hiking and biking to structured sports on the playing fields and playground equipment for toddlers and their parents. The City of Lynn Department of Parks and Recreation as well as Friends of Lynn Woods help to keep this urban treasure clean and safe.

During the summer for the past 50 years, Lynn Woods has hosted trail runs on Wednesday nights. Lynn woods

This most walkable area of Lynn is only a few minutes by car or bike to the lovely shorelines of Kings Beach,
Red Rocks, or Lynn Beach for those who crave saltwater sun bathing and beach time.

Downtown Lynn has undergone a street art transformation in the past several years thanks to Beyond Walls. Old factory and commercial buildings have had their outside renewed thanks to artists and now sport huge murals.