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Life on the Pond and in Wyoma Square, Lynn

Simply put, Sluice Pond is the best stocked trout pond in Massachusetts. Known for weekend fishing tournaments, the pond springs alive with small boats from early April through the fall. Summer days bring out the boaters and water skiers. These activities give way each evening to the floating patio boats and paddleboats of those in retirement and semi-retirement. They are joined by those enjoying early retirement, others cherishing weekend retirement and our young retirement trainees from age 1 and older. Briarcliff Lodge, offers many options and programs for older members of our community who maintain their independence in their own homes on the pond.

Water will be tested again throughout 2016. Watch this page for results or visit our facebook page at

In Summer, 2016
Our water and the water in Flax Pond is safety tested by the Lynn Health Department here are the initial results for swimming and fishing season counts in Enteroccocci (a indicator of bacteria at cfu/100ml):

Dates 6/23 8/7 8/14 8/26 8/28 9/4
FLAX POND at Rocks 2,700
FLAX POND at Railing 500
SLUICE Pond at Broadway <100
SLUICE Pond at Briarcliff <100

*This web site and the Sluice Pond Association Swim Safety Report figures are provided by the Lynn Health Department. The SPA is not responsible for the accuracy of the readings, particularly the decimal point locations reported here. he elevated readings in late July may be due to recent chemical treatment.

Most experts attribute higher counts to the street run off now that the storm drains have been turned to directly dump into our ponds. Freshwater Enterococci safety is not to exceed 61 cfu/100ml and geometric mean of last five samples not to exceed 33 CFU/100ml). E-Coli recommended level for safety is <235/100 ml and geometric mean of lastfive samples not to exceed 126CFU/100ml.

What does this mean for swimming and fishing? In July and August, 2013 Flax Pond was not suitable for swimming and Sluice Pond continues to produce safe bacteria counts of <100 at The Four Winds on Broadway. From our friends, down at the Cape:

"Indicator organisms, as their name implies, are used to "indicate" the presence of conditions which have the potential to cause illness. Through various studies conducted by Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and others, it has been determined that certain levels of some indicator organisms in bathing beach waters represent a threat to the public health. The indicator organisms assayed for in bathing beach samples that we collect are bacteria called enterococci and E. coli. Enterococcus has proven the most useful bacterial indicator for determining the extent of contamination in marine recreational waters, while E. coli have proven most useful in freshwater situations. An important thing to remember regarding indicator organisms is that, of themselves, they may not be harmful. Rather, since these organisms are found in the intestine of many warm-blooded animals, their presence suggests that other harmful organisms and viruses also in the intestine of warm-blooded animals (including humans) may be present. If these harmful organisms and viruses (called pathogens) are present and are inadvertently ingested while swimming, they may cause a variety of diseases. The good news is that the most common illness is a mild gastroenteritis with flu-like symptomolgy. But even the milder diseases can be problematic to immune-compromised people."

More to come as we try to get assistance from the city, state and federal government to get the proper flood management system installed so that our storm drains do not empty into the fresh water at Sluice Pond.

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