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SPRING, 2016

We are in the annual battle to FIGHT THE WEEDS that endanger our swimmers, wildlife and property value.

Since the city began removing the nuisance Canadian geese from Flax Pond and Gannon Golf Course, many have settled at Sluice Pond and they have already driven away our native duck and ducklings. We are asking all residents to refrain from feeding the geese. IF YOU SPOT A NEST, EGGS CAN BE ADDLED BY SHAKING THEM OR RUBBING ANY TYPE OF OIL ON THEM. This will discourage the geese that have recently arrived at Sluice Pond to nest elsewhere.

We are still collecting membership dues of $20/household for 2017 so if you haven't paid your $20 membership please sign up online, contact an officer or send a check to Sluice Pond Association to Ruth Sarrette, 39 Bacheller Street, Lynn, 01904. There are 165 homes on Sluice Pond and we hope to increase our membership to improve our chances of getting more support for recreational activities and public property improvements.

Lynn Fish and Game stocks Sluice Pond with bass, trout, salmon and runs tournaments for adults, juniors and children.


In June, 2017, there were two spot treatments for Fanwort growth in two of the coves at the pond. These required no more than refraining from swimming or fishing for one day. After July 10, 2017 Lynn's Community Development office has contracted to have the entire pond undergo the annual weed treatment. They are supposed to bring us posters and we will be looking for 4-5 volunteers to place posters around the lake to let residents and visitors know the restrictions on use of the pond and the water.


We are proud of the new "NO WAKE" buoys for boaters and assistance being received for shoreline vegetation and related public access issues.

Other items discussed:

-- re-directed storm water and street run off into the sewer system, there would be less water entering Sluice. We are monitoring federal Recovery Act funds for assistance with the storm drainage into the pond.
-the egg addling project led by Wayne Lozzi was successful on Flax Pond, a couple of geese families were missed on Sluice and we need help by abbutters to addle the eggs.
- A letter was sent to the Department of Public Health for assistance with the continuous problem of discharge into the pond from an unknown source that causes "soap bubbles" in the coves and this problem seems to have been resolved.

Ward 1 City Councillor Wayne Lozzi suggested getting a list of items to him from the Sluice Pond Association to get our questions answered.  


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