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Board Of Directors-
Officers of the Corporation

Current Officer Title Term Until
Paul Stonkus President 5/2017
Dale Orlando Vice President 5/2017
Ruth Sarrette Treasurer 5/2017
Mike Petkewich Secretary 5/2017
Pat McNaulty Pond Clean-Up 5/2016
Betty Dumas Government Liaison 5/2016
Laura Ippoliti Pond Gate Liaison 5/2017
Kerri Ferguson Pondview Lodge Rep 5/2017

The SPA is working with a new Secretary for the Board meetings and minutes are electronically on-line, so minutes consist largely of cut and paste from emails and sending out announcements. IYou'll be hearing from Mike about membership dues for 2016 and the annual fund drive if you missed the September 7, 2016 meeting.

The Sluice Pond Association met on September 7th with a large turn out of new and old faces.

If you are a dues paid member of Sluice Pond Association and would like a list of those who were in attendance, please contact Mike Petkewich. The primary purpose of the meeting was to encourage new membership on the Board of Directors. So far Jodi Thompson has expressed an interest. If you are a member of the interested please contact Paul Stonkus, SPA President at 781-367-0697 or paulstonkus@email.com

We also had a discussion with Police Chief (and now Democratic candidate for sheriff) Kevin Coppinger regarding noise management at the lake for illegal activities like noise from fireworks as well as the Broadway cove noise abatement with the 4 Winds grill. Minutes of the meeting will show the recommendations. A vote was taken regarding further study of a fountain pump to create a water wall in the cove to mitigate noise. To that end, both Community Development and the Mayor’s office were contacted regarding participating on that study panel. So far Mayor Kennedy would like to have a member on that study group. Dates have not yet been set for meetings of the research group. TBA.

The date for the semi-annual pond clean up is October 22 at 9AM meeting at the Broadway public park and cleaning up the 12 rights to egress scattered around the pond, public property at the back of the Knights of Columbus and the Pond View(Briarcliff) boat ramp. Pat McNulty will contact the Lynn DPW and the Sheriff’s office for assistance with the clean up.

Other recommendation regarding signage (Steve Dumas), buoys (Brad Ray) and repairs for the boat ramp (Laura Ippoliti) with video by Steve Maniatis.

Special Board Meetings and Elections-
As determined by the Executive Committee. The Board Elections were last held October 5, 2016. Members can vote or join the board if you are paid up with your 2017 dues ($20/household). Please send an email to DaleOrlando@comcast.net to be placed on the mailing list or sign up online by clicking on Benefits of Membership. Board meetings are open to all SPA members (households that pay dues to the organization are members who can vote for the Board of Directors. Others including members of the general public and non-members are welcome to attend meetings. Meeting dates will be sent to all current members and posted here.

Pat McNaulty has stepped forward to head our clean-up efforts and we want lots of volunteers this spring to show Pat that we appreciate his time and effort in coordinating clean-up with the city and the county.

2017 Meeting schedule
Election of new Board members.

October 3, 2017-Election of new Board and Officers

Fall 2017 Clean up by Lynn DPW will be on TBA, 2017. Please place water and lakeside debris on your docks. Fall 2017 Clean-up schedule will be in coordination with the Lynn DPW.

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