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Fall Clean up of the Pond
This year's Fall Clean Up will be conducted by the DPW of Lynn and a corps of community service workers that they schedule. To make sure it's successful please contact SPA's Clean-up Chairman, Pat McNulty for extra assistance. We hope that the ponds edges as well as the public properties on Broadway, Lynnfield Street and Kernwood Drive that will benefit from their great work. Please leave any water debris on your dock to have them do a pick up. Check our Face book for exact dates at https://www.facebook.com/sluicepond/?fref=ts

Weed Treatment Schedule- Weed treatment of Sluice Pond has been placed in the city budget by Mayor Kennedy along with chemical treatment for Flax Pond and the Floating Bridge Pond. The treatments are scheduled by Lynn Community Development. The initial treatment for Sluice Pond took place years ago as he most effective means to combat the invasive weeds that congest the coves. The city has continued with scheduled maintenance annually. The weed treatment chemicals permit no swimming or fishing in Sluice Pond for at least 24 hours. Also, using pond water for irrigation or drinking, watering animals is not recommended for five days. Please check the facebook site for this year's dates. https://www.facebook.com/sluicepond/?fref=ts

Weed Treatment Donations

This year the City of Lynn and Community Development will be providing weed treatment of the pond over the summer months . Normally we conduct our Fight the Weeds Raffle annually and the funds are held for matching grants .

Lynn Community Development is recommending that the pond associations purchase new light systems for getting rid of the Canadian Geese that contribute substantially to the weeds. The systems have been set up with great efficacy st the stadiums and Gannon Golf Course, so they are going to try them at Flax. While Sluice has not had as big a problem with geese to date, we might as they are driven from their old nesting areas. Sluice is located in between the golf course and Flax Pond.

Initial native broadleaf weed treatment was conducted on July 28, 2006 and again in early June, 2007 and June 2008 with assistance from the City of Lynn and Lynn Water and Sewer Commission as well as generous member contributions. Treatment for invasive weeds took place in Spring and a 2nd follow-up treatment in the coves in Summer, 2007 and 2008 thanks to our state legislator Mark Falzone . Community Development of Lynn conducted a bid process for vendors to treat the weeds in 2007 and 2008 with these funds using Aquatic Control Technologies.The city and Lynn Water & Sewer treated the pond in 2009. Weed treatment did not occur in 2010 and vegetation growth increased rapidly, particularly in the coves. Since Judith Kennedy has been mayor and met with the Sluice Pond Association, she has put weed treatment for both Sluice and Flax Ponds in the city budget every year and followed through with the maintenance treatments to keep us weed free. In 2014, she added the Floating Bridge Pond, a popular fishing spot between Western Ave in Lynn and near Highland Ave in Salem. A special thanks to Mayor Kennedy.

Wyoma Square Festival- Wyoma Square Annual Family Festival will takes place on the last Saturday in June from 10-1PM. Fun for the whole family .

Stop by East Boston Savings Bank and pick up your free raffle ticket for a chance to win one of the Wyoma Square Merchant Gift Certificates!!!  Most of the Wyoma Square Merchants are offering a 10% discount During the hours of the Festival!


JULY 4TH- flares will be available at local Hardware stores in Wyoma Square. Waterfront members should plan to light their flares along the pond edge at 9pm on July 4th. please dispose of the used flares in your trash, not in the pond.


Massachusetts stocks Sluice Pond with trout each Spring and Fall, salmon also when available. Lynn Fish and Game stocks the pond annually with trout.

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